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Halfmycode launched in 2020 with the aim of providing online users with thousands of discount codes and offers verified on the main e-commerce sites. Halfmycode is part of Halfmycode Network
The company has its operational headquarters in USA, and has been helping all its users save for over 3 years.


In 2020 founded Halfmycode, the first site of the Halfmycode Saving Network.
The English website halfmycode.com was created to allow users from all over the United Kingdom to save money thanks to discount codes and online promotions.
Over the last few years the site has grown exponentially and today has an operating team of over 10 people who work to test, verify and insert discount codes and offers.

"For the name of the network we have decided to use one of the best-known American words in the world - say the founders - in order to maintain a close link with our country of origin, but with an eye to internationalisation".


Halfmycode's goal is to help users save money while shopping online. We provide deals and discount codes carefully verified by our staff who work constantly to offer the final consumer an opportunity to save on their purchases.
Thanks to the promotions on our site, users of the US market can buy from their favorite e-commerce sites, saving with just a few clicks.  HalfMycode hosts over 2,000 brands belonging to all product sectors, such as fashion, cosmetics, electronics, travel, food, furniture, cars and more.

Environmental commitments

At Halfmycode we have cared about green and environmental issues right from the start. Starting from 2020, in fact, on the occasion of Black Friday and Christmas we promote eco-sustainable shopping through all the sites of the network.
Thanks to two initiatives such as Green Friday and HalfMycode For Oceans. We want to encourage a more careful and environmentally friendly consumer mentality to make our (small) contribution to the well-being of the planet.

Some of the top merchants who collaborate with Halfmycode:
Target.com, SHEIN,  Chegg, Nike, DFDS Seaways, Viator

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Email: [email protected]